As part of the 119th Independence Day celebration on June 12, the Sultan sin Sulu and two smaller balangay replicas sailed across the Manila Bay from Manila Ocean Park to Manila Yacht Club.

Sultan sin Sulu is a replica of balangay boats used by early Filipinos for maritime navigation. It has no engine and used solar power for the crew’s mobile devices and equipment. This replica will be used by the first Philippine Everest Team on its mission to retrace the naval route of Sultan Paduka Batara from Maimbung, Sulu to China. According to legend, the sultan went to China in 1417 for trade and cultural mission.

In 2010, the team attempted to sail but aborted it due to unfavorable weather. This mission, as the team also hopes, seeks to rekindle the passion of the Filipinos for sea travel and value on the Philippine maritime culture and economic heritage.

Balangay 2

Balangay 1

Balangay 4