What if Ferdinand Marcos was not born on September 11, 1917? What would the Philippines be like? I came up with a list of 100 things that the Philippines would look like or we avoid happening without a Ferdinand Marcos:

  1. There would be no legal holiday today in Ilocos Norte.
  2. Regular broadcast on the night of September 23 would not be cut because a man sitting in a chair would declare the imposition of Martial Law.
  3. We still have enough reserve of gold stored and taken care of proper government agencies.
  4. Our government does not owe a large sum of money from debtors – both local and international.
  5. Our children and grandchildren would not be indebted.
  6. We would not pay anymore until 2025 for the loans that Marcos got during his term.
  7. Imelda Marcos would not have a lavish lifestyle.
  8. Imelda would not need to lie that his husband’s administration committed no harm and mistakes to anybody.
  9. Imelda would be contented to shop around Divisoria for her jewelries, shoes, and clothes.
  10. There would still be a shoe museum in Marikina – except that Imelda’s shoes are not on display.
  11. Tessie Tomas would not become known for her portrayal as First Lady Imelda.
  12. Bongbong Marcos would not exist.
  13. Bongbong would not be able to throw an expensive party in a yacht while singing “We are the World”.
  14. Bongbong would not be elected as senator and waste our money for his underperformance.
  15. Leni Robredo would not be bothered with an election protest.
  16. The Supreme Court would not be P66 million richer – thanks to Bongbong’s fee for his election protest.
  17. There would be no Sandro Marcos who happened to be studying in a prestigious school abroad using our money but still lacks common sense.
  18. Famous lines in Game of Thrones series would not be conveniently quoted by Imee Marcos – as Shakespeare would say, the devil can cite Scriptures for her purpose.
  19. Imee would not sit as the national president of Kabataang Barangay.
  20. Imee would not flaunt her “salamat, dok” body in a magazine cover as if we forget the loss of Archimedes Trajano’s life in her hands.
  21. Marcoses would be perennial losers in the local election in Ilocos Norte. Perhaps, even in national elections – when did the Marcoses legitimately and legally win in the national polls?
  22. Julio Nalundasan, who was allegedly killed by Ferdinand, would finish his second term as representative of Ilocos Norte.
  23. Juan Ponce Enrile and his eternity would not be celebrated.
  24. Enrile would not fake his ambush to justify the declaration of Martial Law.
  25. Foreign and domestic media would not run stories on the fabricated heroism and war medals of Ferdinand.
  26. “Tuta” would still be associated with puppies.
  27. Our country would not be represented in the list of top dictators in the world.
  28. We would be a powerhouse nation in Asia. We would be more than Singapore and more than the predictions of Bongbong if the Marcoses would still be ruling.
  29. San Juanico Bridge would still be built – remember we would be an economic giant and infrastructure boom would be inevitable.
  30. Together with the Light Rail Transit from Monumento to Baclaran.
  31. The expressways both in the north and south of Metro Manila.
  32. Hundreds of roads and bridges built during his Ferdinand’s 21-authoritarian rule.
  33. And institutions such as Lung Center, Heart Center, Kidney Center, and Children’s Center because it’s the responsibility of the government and we paid for these projects.
  34. Politicians would not cry of cheating once lost in the election since it was Marcos who started this norm.
  35. The 1986 Constitution would not be crafted because the 1935 Constitution would still be in effect, though some of its provisions might be amended.
  36. Following the 1935 Constitution, there would be three to six presidents elected from 1965 to 1986.
  37. Cesar Virata would not be named as the first and only prime minister in Philippine history to date.
  38. We would not have ministers as title to the Cabinet posts.
  39. The period between 1965 and 1986 would not be written as the darkest years of our post-war history.
  40. Congress would not been locked down and abolished and reestablished again under a new Filipino name.
  41. Movie and Television Rating and Classification Board would not been founded. MTRCB is a remnant on the curtailment of freedom of speech during Martial Law.
  42. China would not dare to claim our islands and waters because of their fear to our military strength – we have the most advanced military force back in the 1950s and 1960s.
  43. Without Martial Law, the security forces would not turn as butchers.
  44. Military chief of staff would still be an honorific title and not the president’s lapdog like Fabian Ver.
  45. We would not run out of statesmen and women. Martial Law destroyed the honing tradition of principled political leaders.
  46. First Quarter Storm would happen in a later date.
  47. Young people who perished during Martial Law because of their criticisms against the Marcoses would be leaders today or contributed/contributing to our nation building. Ferdinand wasted these talents.
  48. Boyet Mijares would still be alive. His father Primitivo’s book “The Conjugal Dictatorship” would not have been published.
  49. Hundreds of families of those who were murdered and disappeared during the Martial Law would enjoy family reunions and time with their loved ones.
  50. Peasants would not be displaced due to widespread land grabbing.
  51. Recruitment of Communist movement would not gain momentum. Ferdinand and his Martial Law were said to be the biggest recruiters of the armed struggle.
  52. Muslim communities would still be a majority in Mindanao if not for massive settlements in the 1970s ordered by Ferdinand.
  53. As much as possible, Moro fronts would not wage war. Muslim leaders would push for self-governance in a democratic fashion.
  54. Atrocities against the Muslims, Cordillerans, Lumads, and dissents during Ferdinand’s rule would not happen, including the …
  55. Jabidah massacre (aka the slaughter of Moro soldiers) in Corregidor, March 1968.
  56. Malisbong masjid/mosque massacre (aka Palimbang massacre) in Sultan Kudarat, September 1974.
  57. Guinayangan massacre in Quezon, February 1981.
  58. Tudela massacre in Misamis Occidental, August 1981.
  59. Las Navas massacre in Samar, September 1981.
  60. Culasi massacre in Antique, December 1981.
  61. Talugtog massacre in Nueva Ecija, January 1982.
  62. Dumingag massacre in Zamboanga del Sur, February 1982.
  63. Hinunangan massacre in Southern Leyte, March 1982.
  64. Bayog massacre in Zamboanga del Sur, May 1982.
  65. Pullilan massacre in Bulacan, June 1982.
  66. Daet massacre in Camarines Norte, June 1982.
  67. Labo massacre in Camarines Norte, June 1982.
  68. President Roxas massacre in North Cotabato, April 1985.
  69. Escalante massacre in Negros Occidental, September 1985.
  70. Paramilitary forces, such as ILAGA and KURATONG BALELENG, which complemented with the Philippine Constabulary to quell Communist and Moro rebellions, would not be formed.
  71. Torture methods used during Ferdinand’s rule would not be popular as it is today. Their “katukayo” would still mean the same.
  72. “Meralco” would still be referred as the power company.
  73. “Nawasa” would still be referred as the government agency on administration of water resources.
  74. “San Juanico Bridge” would still mean a bridge connecting Samar and Leyte islands.
  75. “Pompyang” would still be the Tagalog term for cymbals.
  76. Prison cells would not be crowded of political detainees.
  77. Indigenous culture would not be tarnished because of Tasadays, a tribe invented by Marcos to turn the international spotlight to the Philippines. Yes, Marcoses are fame whores.
  78. Manila Film Center would not be rushed and collapsed – burying hundreds of workers – so that Imelda would host an international event which eclipsed the true state of our nation.
  79. Arts would still flourish even without Imelda. Nick Joaquin, Lino Brocka, and their contemporaries became exceptional because of their talents and not because of Imelda.
  80. Beatles would return for another sold-out concert. Imelda would not able to face the press and talk lies since she was not the First Lady.
  81. Our parents would enjoy Voltes V as much as we enjoyed it in the 1990s.
  82. Danding Cojuangco would not sit as the chairman of San Miguel Corporation.
  83. Earnings of the coconut farmers would not be put into personal gains of Marcos and his cronies – Danding, please return the money of our farmers!
  84. Lucio Tan would not own the Philippine Airlines.
  85. Cronies would not pillage our society and environment since they would not acquire those they own today.
  86. Bagong Lipunan would not been conceptualized.
  87. An angry mob would not storm Malacanang in 1986. Perhaps, a little sooner under the administrations of post-1986 presidents.
  88. People power revolution would happen on a different date and venue.
  89. Ninoy Aquino would not be popular.
  90. Liberal Party would not take credit for the 1986 EDSA Revolution.
  91. Corazon Aquino, his son Noynoy, and Fidel Ramos would not become presidents – even Rodrigo Duterte.
  92. Miriam Defensor Santiago would be the first female president in 1992.
  93. We would not be troubled with Kris Aquino, her issues, her acting, her rants, and whatsoever about her.
  94. Presidential Commission on Good Governance would be created for other purpose.
  95. Human Rights Violations Claims Board would not been established to facilitate the reparation for Martial Law victims.
  96. Social media would not be infested by paid trolls and historical revisionists courtesy of Marcos family and their stolen wealth.
  97. Our society would not be dichotomized into #SalamatApo and #Dilawan.
  98. We would not demand the Marcos family to apologize.
  99. And Bongbong would not tell that those who demand them to apologize are only after for their money – which, by logic, is ours anyways.
  100. Libingan ng mga Bayani would still be reserved for heroes.

There’s more to this list. Feel free to add yours.

Photo credit to Esquire and Twitter user Raxenne Dosher.